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Frequency Specific Micro-current

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Karl's daily life, healing practice and artistic creations are infused and informed by a mission to contribute to the collective movement toward consciousness in our relationship with nature, spirit, personal health, and our communities.   His practice, art studio and home are located in beautiful Eldorado Springs, Colorado.

In addition to practicing healing arts as a licensed Acupuncturist since 2011, Karl is a builder, tile artist and a photographer.

This website is in effect a compilation of Karl's offerings in the healing arts as well as visual arts.

Please contact me via email or phone to setup appointments or inquiries about purchasing artwork.



Orthopedic Acupuncture 

Initial 1.5hr consultation includes completing intake forms, discussing medial history, reasons for seeking treatment. Then we will use a mix of eastern and western medi...
Initial Consultation and Treatment
1 hr 30 min

Functional Art and Nature Photography

By Karl Manteuffel

Bringing Art, Sprit and Health into the Home.  
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Fine Art Photography 
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